What are the relevant specifications of imported channel steel ?

What are the relevant specifications of imported channel steel ?


What are the relevant specifications of imported channel steel?

We all know that at the same height, light channel than the general channel legs narrow, thin waist, light weight.Large channel steel, channel steel for medium-sized channel steel.Import channel steel marked practice norms and norms.Channel steel import and export orders are generally in the confirmation of the corresponding carbon steel (or low alloy steel) steel, in order to use the required specifications based.

In addition to the specification number, the channel does not have a specific composition and function series.Domestic channel length selection scale according to the specification number is divided into 5-12m, 5-19m, 6-19m three.The length of the import channel selection scale is generally 6-15m.

Shearing process optimization and modification analysis: a steel mill 400mm unit is produced in the angle and channel-based profile unit, the annual output value of 650,000 tons, during which the channel product specification is 638 to 1208, the output value of about 25 percent of the total output value.Product channel segment job selection of a 400t cold shearing machine.

Channel shear quality on the subsequent process, especially a greater impact on the quality of welding, if there is a broken cut shoulder collapse, burrs, tear, cut oblique and other shortcomings, there is a large gap will make the channel butt, affect the quality of welding, especially the strength of the target, and then form a larger security risk.

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