Anchor bolt - Bolt designed to allow objects to be attachedto concrete. The bolt head is usually placed in concrete before it has cured,leaving the threaded end exposed.

Arbor bolt - Bolt with a washer permanently attached andreversed threading. Designed for use in miter saw and other tools to autotighten during use to prevent blade fall out.

Carriage bolt - Bolt with a smooth rounded head and a squaresection to prevent turning followed with a threaded section for a nut.

Elevator bolt - Bolt with a large flat head used in conveyorsystem setups.

Hanger bolt - Bolt that has no head, machine threaded bodyfollowed by a wood threaded screw tip. Allow nuts to be attached to what isreally a screw.

Hex bolt - Bolt with a hexagonal head and threaded body.Section immediately under head may or may not be threaded.

J bolt - Bolt shaped like the letter J. Used for tie downs.Only the non curved section is threaded for a nut to be attached.

Lag bolt - Also known as lag screw. Not a true bolt. Hex bolthead with thread screw tip for use in wood.

Rock bolt - Used in tunnel construction to stabilize walls.

Chicago Bolt - Bolt that has a male and female part withinterior threads and bolt heads on either end. Commonly used in paper binding.

Shoulder bolt or Stripper bolt - Bolt with a broad smoothshoulder and small threaded end used to create a pivot or attachment point.

U-Bolt - Bolt shaped like the letter U where the two straightsections are threaded. A straight metal plate with two bolt holes is used withnuts to hold pipes or other round objects to the U-bolt.