What are the uses and advantages of galvanized angle steel ?

What are the uses and advantages of galvanized angle steel ?


What are the uses and advantages of galvanized angle steel?

Galvanized angle steel is also known as hot dip galvanized angle steel or hot dip galvanized angle steel. There are many applications for galvanized angle steel. Generally speaking, galvanized angle steel is used to immerse the rust-removed angle steel in the left and right melted zinc liquid, so that the surface of the angle steel adheres to the zinc layer, thereby preserving the purpose, and is suitable for various strong acids and alkalis. In a highly corrosive environment such as fog.

JUNANNgalvanized angle steel is widely used and has many advantages:

1. low processing cost: the cost of galvanizing and rust prevention is lower than that of other paint coatings;

2. save time and effort: galvanizing process is faster and more time-saving than other coating construction methods, and can avoid the time required to paint on the construction site after installation;

3. the toughness of the coating: the galvanized layer forms a special metallurgical structure that can withstand mechanical damage during transportation and use;

4. Good reliability: the galvanized layer and the steel are metallurgically combined and become a part of the steel surface, so the durability of the coating is relatively reliable;

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