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Domestic steel prices fell slightly, and imported mineral prices fell slightly.

publisher: Gloria Wong
Time: 2019-04-02

Although the domestic spot steel price fellslightly, the overall mentality of the steel market remained stable, and themarket tone was dynamically adjusted in limited fluctuations. The iron oremarket is also dominated by shock consolidation, and the price of imported oreis slightly down.

In the past week, the domestic spot steel pricecomposite index closed at 145.21 points, down 0.63% in the week. The price ofconstruction steel fell, and the average price of mainstream specificationrebar varieties fell by 49 yuan per ton a week. The price of hot rolled coilsfell slightly, and the average price of mainstream hot rolled products fell by13 yuan per ton a week. The price of plate has fallen, and the average price ofmainstream specifications has fallen by 5 yuan per ton.

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