Product Display—— Checkered Plate

Product Display—— Checkered Plate


Generally speaking, checkered plate, also called diamond plate or tread plate, is used for non-slip capability and showing aesthetic looks.

    Generally speaking, checkered plate, alsocalled diamond plate or tread plate, is used for non-slip capability andshowing aesthetic looks.

    And why we choose chequered plate? On one hand, checkered plate is designed with embossed pattern on smooth surface to increase skidresistance. Hence, places where fall and slip easily occur are found diamondplates to decrease these accidents. On the other hand, rigid and strong checkered plates can protect wall corners, door, wall of chair height andbottom line, trucks bed rails and caps, and other places where scratch anddents are often happened.

    Junnan strives to provide customers with a variety of checkered plateproducts which are available in standard galvanized plate, aluminum plate orstainless steel plate materials. 

    Our products in first class quality is offered at guaranteedlow prices, and delivered in standard packing. If you want to get the loadcarrying capacity for checker plates in all materials or other info, please contact us.

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