Due to US tariff measures, Korean pipe exports fell sharply in May

Due to US tariff measures, Korean pipe exports fell sharply in May


The Indonesian government announced recently that it plans tointroduce measures to protect its steel market. Indonesian Minister of Industry Al Ergun added that at the2018 annual ...

    South Korean steel pipe exports continued to decline due toUS tariff measures. According to data released by the Korea Iron and SteelAssociation, in May, South Korean steel pipe exports fell by 28.1% to 168,517tons, compared with 274,431 tons a year ago. In the first five months, Koreansteel pipe exports totaled 10,869,48 tons, down 17.7% from 1,321,136 tons inthe same period last year.

    In contrast, in May, South Korea’s wire pipe exportsincreased by 11.7% year-on-year, from 40,641 tons to 49,842 tons. This isbecause in the US anti-dumping tax items, the tax rate of line products islower than other products. However, due to restrictions on US import quotas,future exports of line management will not be more optimistic.

At the same time, in May, South Korea's large-diameter spiralpipe exports fell by 63%, from 2,297 tons a year ago to 849 tons; the output ofrolled pipe increased by 4.3%, from 48,987 tons to 51,101 tons; large caliberThe output of the electric resistance welded pipe also increased by 142.6%,from 3,830 tons to 9,291 metric tons.

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