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Steel Sheet Piling -- Pan type Sheet Piles

From: Junnan Steel News
publisher: Gloria Wong
Time: 2018-06-12
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    Steelsheet piles are long structural sections with a vertical interlocking systemthat creates a continuous wall. The walls are most often used to retain eithersoil or water. The ability of a sheet pile section to perform is dependent uponits geometry and the soils it is driven into. The pile transfers pressure fromthe high side of the wall to the soil in front of the wall.

    Thepan shaped cold form sheet piles are much smaller than most other sheet pilesand are only intended for short, lightly loaded walls. The pan type sectionsare often used on drainage ditches, retaining walls on private homes, and golfcourses.

SKLSheet Piles

    TheSKL range is specifically designed for the lightest retaining walls. Thesections are very light so they can be handled and installed with smallequipment. The profile is also only 3.5 inches deep so it can be installed inlocations with limited space.

SKS Sheet Piles

    The SKS range is slightly larger than the SKL range. The SKSsheets are very wide so they are excellent for low, long walls where speed ofconstruction is important.

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