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Rio Tinto Iron Ore Mines in Australia are Transported by Unmanned Trucks

From: China Steel News
publisher: Gloria Wang
Time: 2018-01-03

    Rio Tinto, one of the iron-ore tycoons, has enabled a total of 73 unmanned vehicles in four mines. The trucks come from Japan's Komatsu. With an accurate GPS navigation system, the truck automatically finds its way and uses laser sensors and radar to find obstacles. If you encounter problems, the control center monitoring and on-site staff to contact and work together to solve the problem. Starting with the four test-drive drone mines, Rio Tinto plans to automate all of its mines.

    The use of unmanned vehicles in the mining area seems simpler than on public transport roads - the road conditions in the mining area are tightly regulated and the road conditions are somewhat more certain. Self-driving trucks increase safety compared to manual driving.

    Mining automation has become the trend of the times, the original mining area will be with the degree of automation and further reduce the human mark. Rio Tinto acknowledges that while new positions have been created to service and manage automation equipment, the overall workforce is shrinking. The control center from the previous instructions issued to employees, into a directive to the machine.



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