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Iron Ore Market as A Whole Stable Operation

From: China Steel News
publisher: Gloria Wang
Time: 2017-11-03
    Iron ore market supply and demand are both weak. Due to the intensified environmental inspection, sintering supplies in some areas tightened, sintering machines basically stopped production, and some mills carried blast furnace overhauls. The utilization rate of blast furnace decreased in a narrow range from the previous period. On the one hand, blast furnaces in some domestic steel mills have begun to implement the production restriction measures during the heating season, reducing the demand for iron ore; on the other hand, some mines are subject to restrictions on the production of environmental protection products. In the short term, the domestic iron ore market Or will be in weak supply and demand.
    Supply pressure gradually revealed. The recent import of iron ore market demand is less than expected, while the supply is increasing, the port iron ore inventories continued to rise. Weeks, the four major mining earnings have been announced, according to earnings reports, the fourth quarter is expected to continue to increase shipments. At present, high-grade powder ore shipments are still too much, the late port high-grade iron ore supply problems have been resolved. In addition, lump ore resources will also be supplemented.
    In summary, the current iron ore shipment is still high, the port stocks continue to increase. It is estimated that the later domestic iron ore market will be dominated by small fluctuations.


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