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Galvanizing Specifications

Time: 2017-08-14
    Hot-dip galvanizing is done in accordance with long established ASTM specifications.  There are three main specifications (ASTM A123, A153, and A767) governing the coating thickness, adherence, and finish for hot-dip galvanized steel and a handful of supporting specifications referenced in these specifications cover design practices, repair and touch-up, and painting/powder coating over galvanizing.  
    Specifying hot-dip galvanizing is simply done by using ASTM specifications developed to produce high-quality galvanized coatings. The main specifications that pertain to hot-dip galvanizing are: 
    ASTM A123 – general iron and steel products
    ASTM A153 – small parts 
    ASTM A767 – reinforcing steel (rebar)

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