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Shougang Jingxi Heavy Industries to build factories in the United States

publisher: Ada&Vivien
Time: 2017-07-13
Shougang Jingxi Heavy Industries US Indiana factory groundbreaking. According to the project schedule, Jingxi Heavy Industries Indiana plant infrastructure project is expected to be completed in January 2018, the same period will start production equipment installation and commissioning, is expected in June 2018 with the conditions of production samples.
According to the new business orders in North America, the Indiana plant will reach an annual output of 3.2 million shock absorbers in 2019. The output will reach 4 million units in 2020, with sales of about US $ 120 million and about 450 Human employment problem.
The United States Indiana governor Eric Holecomb, Greenfield County Governor Chuck Feier, Shougang Group Deputy General Manager Han Qing, Beijing West Heavy Industry leaders and representatives of shareholders attended the ceremony.
Han Qing on behalf of the shareholders of the Indiana and the Government of the Greenfield County in the project site selection research, preferential policies to support, infrastructure security and other aspects of the support for the Beijing Iron and Steel to provide support, while emphasizing the Beijing West Heavy Industries in the United States Investment in the construction of the milestone of the plant, and Shougang in Beijing West Heavy Industries to promote the international business reform process to create an enabling environment, to provide the relevant policy support were introduced.

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