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Pohang No. 1 hot rolling plant to complete the expansion of production capacity

publisher: Ada&Vivien
Time: 2017-07-11

On July 3, after completing all the preparatory work and testing work, Pohang began its commercial production at No. 1 Hot Rolling Plant in Pohang Plant.

The project's investment includes not only engine systems that are designed to increase rolling capacity, but also include distributed heat collection systems that increase energy efficiency. The system's control system is upgraded by Posco's own technology.

Therefore, the transformation of the hot-rolled production line can produce a variety of high-strength steel products, so that Po goods WP (the world's top) products, the total production capacity increased to 700,000 tons per year. This can not be done before the production line transformation. In addition, due to the replacement of the old control system, is expected to be a large extent to reduce the number of downtime, while product quality will be improved.

It is reported that the Pohang No. 1 hot-rolled steel mill in 1972 began production, has produced more than 100.10 million tons of hot-rolled coil, the products exported to South Korea inside and outside.

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