What is the difference between an H-beam and I-beam? How are they used differently?

What is the difference between an H-beam and I-beam? How are they used differently?

Some people hold the view that the steel I beam and steel H beam are the same thing, in fact, this understanding is wrong.Fubi metal for everyone here to give a detailed answer. Let’s guess the two pictures below,which is I-beam, which H-beam?

Those who are familiar with I-beam and H-beam can figure out the first picture is H-beam and the second picture is I-beam at the first glance.So how can we differentiate them? The specific introductions are as following.

Steel I beam  Introduction:

Steel I beam,as its name suggests, is a kind of "I" shaped cross-section steel, the inner surface of the upper and lower flanges has the inclination, generally 1: 6, so that the outer flange is thin and the inner is thick, resulting in steel  I beam’s two main plane section properties have a huge difference.In the application,it is hard to show the strength properties of steel, as it is shown in the first picture.Although I-beam market also

appeared thicker steel I beam, I-beam’s structure has decided its weakness of anti-torque performance.

steel H beam Introduction:

Nowadays H-beam is widely use in steel structure constructions.There are many differences between steel H beam and steel I beam.

1) Flange, there is no inclination of the inner surface of the flange, the upper and lower surfaces are parallel.

2) The medial of two outside of H-beam has no Slope is flat.

3) Steel H beam section properties is significantly superior to the traditional beams, channels angle steel.

4)steel H beam,the distribution of cross-sectional area is more optimized, and the ratio of strength to weight is more reasonable. It is an economical section efficient profile. Because its cross-section is the same as the letter "H",it is called steel H beam.This makes the steel H beam welding splicing simply than steel I beam,better mechanical properties per unit weight, and can save a lot of material and construction time.

Summary: steel I beam’s cross section can bear direct pressure and good resistance to pull, but the the flange of cross-sectional dimensions is so narrow that it is not torsional. H-beam is opposite, so both of them have their pros and cons.