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US steel prices usher in a new round of price increases

Time: 2017-03-16
Summary: Recently, Nucor, the Russian steel company in the United States, Ami US companies and the US Steel Group have announced the US sheet price of 30 US dollars / short ton, the main reason for the increase in domestic scrap prices.

      Recently, Nucor, the Russian steel companyin the United States, Ami US companies and the US Steel Group have announcedthe US sheet price of 30 US dollars / short ton, the main reason for theincrease in domestic scrap prices. In March, the US scrap scrap purchase pricerose 25-40 US dollars / long tons, heavy waste prices rose 50-60 US dollars /long tons. The price increase in the buyer's expectations.

      At present, the United States Midwest Steel(Indiana) hot roll ex-factory price of 635-640 US dollars / short ton, thechain rose 15 US dollars / short ton, cold volume ex-factory price stable at830-850 US dollars / short ton.

      In addition, the New York is raising thedelivery period in March 6 after the galvanized sheet surcharge, mainly due tozinc prices. Over the past two weeks, Steel Steel, Calif.-based steelmakers andSteel Dynamics have also raised their surcharges for April delivery ofgalvanized sheets.

      Long goods market performanceis also very strong, first of all Nucor, North American companies, steeldynamic companies and commercial metal companies announced the increase inrebar prices 25 US dollars / short ton, March 8 signed a contract, and in April1 Orders have not been affected by the price adjustment. The main reason forthe increase in prices is the rise in raw material prices and the US Departmentof Commerce announced that imports from Turkey, China Taiwan and Japan's rebarto make positive anti-dumping preliminary ruling. The United States ruled thatTaiwan's dumping margin of 3.48% -29.47%, Japan's dumping margin of 209.46%,Turkey's dumping margin of 5.29% -7.07%. Affected by this, import prices alsorose 25 US dollars / short ton. At present, the southeast of the US steelmanufacturers ex-works ex-works price of 545-565 US dollars / short ton, up 15US dollars / short ton, imports of resources offer 468-478 US dollars / shortton (CIF, Houston), the chain up 8-14 USD / short ton.

       Second, Keystone wire rods raised US wireprices by $ 45 to $ 60 / short tonne, with low-carbon wire prices up $ 45 /short ton, high-carbon wire prices up $ 60 / short ton, mainly the 2017 marketenvironment and raw materials Price increase.

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