Terms of length and dimensions of steel

Terms of length and dimensions of steel


Terms of length and dimensions of steel

The basic dimensions of steel, including length, width, height,diameter, radius, wall thickness, etc., commonly used units of measurementmeters, centimeters, millimeters.

1, the scope of the size of steel

We often achieve the purpose of saving materials by specifying thesize of the steel. The fixed length is the length or length of the steel is notless than a certain size, or length, length * width within a certain range.Production units in accordance with the requirements of production.

2, fixed length

Fixed length is defined as the buyer's request into a fixed size. Ifthe goods are to be delivered at a fixed length, the length of the steel mustbe the length specified in the contract. For example, the buyer asked to pressthe length of 12 meters to buy H steel, then manufacturers have to providesteel must be 12 meters. Longer than 12 meters or less than 12 meters areconsidered unqualified. Of course, the actual production can not be 12 meterslong, so we set the allowable positive deviation, but does not allow negativedeviation.

3, indefinite ruler

If the size of the steel is within the specified range, but it isnot a fixed value. Indefinite size. If a number of steel in accordance with theindefinite delivery, then the manufacturers only within the scope of thespecified delivery. For example, the length of hot rolled flat plate is usuallyset to 9-11 meters, then the size of the Kaiping plate in this range can bedelivered.

4, short ruler

Short length refers to the length of the steel is less than thelower limit of the length of the foot, but is greater than or equal to theminimum allowable length.

5, double foot

The size of the steel for the buyer to order the fixed size of theinteger multiples of the so-called double. When the goods are delivered by thelength of the length of time, the steel supplied by the manufacturer must be anintegral multiple of the specified length in the contract of the order, plusthe saw. For example, the buyers request channel length of 6 meters, thenaccording to the double length delivery length is 12 meters, plus a kerf.

6, narrow ruler

A narrow ruler is the lower limit of width less than the width ofthe indefinite length, but is greater than or equal to the narrowest width allowedby the standard.