Speed come! Angle Guinness here

Speed come! Angle Guinness here


The knowledge of angle steel

Angle, alsoknown as the angle, the two sides of it are perpendicular to each other atright angles, which can be widely used in various architectural and engineeringstructures. However, in addition to the construction industry friends, ordinaryconsumers may be unfamiliar to the angle. Today Xiaobian introduce anglespecifications, types and materials etc..

First of all,the angle is divided into equal angle and equal angle, length of 6m, 9m, 12M,Q345B in length, the material is Q235B. Angle specification refers to thenumber of centimeters length, angle steel general specifications in 2.5-20#,specific specifications please refer to the official website of the nationalstandard angle Chun nan. The edge width is 30mm, thickness of side equilateralangle steel 3mm, can be expressed as 30 x 30 x 3, can also be expressed as 3#.

Secondly, thetheory of weight angle how come? We have a formula, angle weight per meter=0.00785* (edge width + edge width - edge thickness) * edge thickness. Thenegative theory of weight and merchants are given to know the actual weight ofthe angle, the actual weight= (1- negative) * theoretical weight.

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