Purchase and maintenance of steel

Purchase and maintenance of steel

A.  Steel purchase principle

    (a)  Selection of steel should be based on the different use of the environment and requirements, and then targeted selection of steel. The rebar, rebar is to GB steel, Korean standard steel, American Standard steel or other standard; choose what material, such as seismic common material HRB400, material HRB400E. Another example of I-beam, common standard GB European standard GB steel, I-beam, I-beam is divided into Q235, Q275, Q345 material.

   (b)  Consider price factors. First class brands such as Baosteel and other enterprises produced steel quality is very good, high durability, high strength, heavy load, but the price of steel is relatively expensive. Another category is the ordinary brands around, they are not the quality of the production of steel products to the famous brand, but their advantage lies in the low price. If your budget is not enough, the quality of steel is not too high requirements, you can choose these ordinary brands. Ordinary steel brands, Hebei Jinxi iron and steel, Hebei iron and steel, Tangshan Tianzhu iron and steel, Tangshan, Thailand, Thailand and other new steel are high cost brand.

   (c)  Choose a sound quality manufacturers or agents. The quality of the steel is critical for any type of project. It is necessary to ensure that the manufacturer or agent is able to provide the corresponding warranty and quality certificate.

B.   Steel cleaning and maintenance

  (a)  Choose clean, dry and ventilated warehouse to avoid material such as acid and alkali. If have to steel outside and can be used with electric steel brush sandblasting derusting process, completely remove the previous rust and rust, and anti-corrosion treatment

  (b)  According to the varieties and specifications of stacked steel. Stack bottom pad high and smooth, prevent moisture or material deformation. Strictly in accordance with the principle of advanced first, in order to prevent steel storage time is too long lead to corrosion.

 (c)  Keep the warehouse clean and strengthen the maintenance of the material. The steel in the former must pay attention to prevent rain or impurities, steel after storage should always check, such as corrosion, corrosion layer should be removed. The serious corrosion of steel, not rust after long term storage, should be used as soon as possible.