What is the use advantages of galvanized square tube?

publisher: Gloria Wong
Time: 2019-10-30
Summary: Usually we call galvanized square tube, is a straight seam pipe .

Usually we call galvanized square tube, is a straight seam pipe, its production process is relatively simple, high production efficiency.With the development of society, now more and more people tend to choose galvanized pipe, it is used in a wide range, more use, a lot of big shed pipe is now using a small square tube made of processing.

Galvanized square tube is generally divided into galvanized square tube and hot dip galvanized square tube, the two galvanized square tube production process is not the same.Galvanized square pipe is made of galvanized steel, and hot dip galvanized square pipe is made of ordinary steel, and then through the hot dip galvanized treatment.Both galvanized way, are effective to extend the life of the square tube, rust, corrosion resistance.

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