What is the flat bar in Hebei ?

publisher: Gloria Wong
Time: 2019-10-28
Summary: Flat Bar can be purchased online in our company, it can be cut to your exact length and specifications.

Flat Bars (also known as “Rectangular Bars”) are a long and rectangular-shaped metal bars are used in a wide range of structural and architectural applications. Flat bar is available in Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Hot Rolled and Cold Drawn .

Hot Rolled Flat Bar can used in situations where precise shapes and tolerances are not required.

Cold Drawn flat steel saves processing time and processing cost. Due to the accuracy and accuracy, the face is in good condition and the cold drawn flat steel is used directly. Such as spraying, sanding, bending, drilling, can also be directly electroplated after the actual requirements, eliminating a lot of machining time and saving configuration machinery costs.

Flat Bar can be purchased online in our company, it can be cut to your exact length and specifications.

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