What are the characteristics of steel sheet piles?

publisher: Gloria Wong
Time: 2019-10-14
Summary: Steel sheet piles are steel structures with edges that are linked and that can be freely combined to form a continuous tight retaining or retaining wall.

The following small series introduces the application characteristics of hot rolled steel sheet piles:

1. Handling and solving a series of problems arising during the excavation process;

2. Simple construction and shortened construction period;

3. For construction tasks, it can reduce the space requirements;

4, the use of steel sheet piles can provide the necessary safety and (rescue relief) timeliness is strong;

5, the use of steel sheet piles can be free from weather conditions; in the process of using steel sheet piles, can be simplified Complex procedures for checking material or system performance ensure adaptability, interchangeability, and reusability.

6, can be recycled and reused, saving money.

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