In June, Heideland port iron ore exports 48.94 million tons

publisher: Gloria Wong
Time: 2019-07-19
Summary: In June, Heideland port iron ore exports 48.94 million tons

According to data from the Pilbara Port Authority on July 17,2019, the total iron ore exports of the Heidelberg port in June 2019 was 48.94million tons, an increase of 2.73 million tons from May, an increase of 6%,compared with the same period last year. 47.29 million tons increased by 1.65million tons, an increase of 3%. The total amount of iron ore exported tomainland China reached 42.03 million tons, an increase of 4.2 million tons fromMay (37.83 million tons), an increase of 11%; an increase of 2.34 million tons,or 6%, from 39.69 million tons in the same period last year. Except formainland China (including Taiwan), iron ore exports totaled 6.91 million tons,accounting for 14% of Heideland's total exports, down 4% from the previousmonth.

In terms of other varieties, the total amount of manganeseore exported to mainland China in June was 110,000 tons, which was the same asthe previous month. The total amount of copper concentrate exported to mainlandChina is 11,000 tons.

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