Increased uncertainty in the global steel market

publisher: Gloria Wong
Time: 2019-04-11
Summary: In the report released by the US information service provider World Steel Dynamics (WSD) last year, the world will see three "cold waves"

In a report released at the end of last year,US information service provider World Steel Dynamics (WSD) believes that therewill be three “cold waves” in the world: one is the slowdown in global economicgrowth; the other is crude oil, aluminum, copper, The price of certaincommodities such as nickel is lower; there is also an increase in pressure onthe steel market including China and the United States. However, some chillsdissipated in early 2019, and rebar prices rebounded. However, in the summer of2019, due to the oversupply of Chinese rebar (about 68 steel mills vying formarket share), downward pressure on rebar export prices will reappear.


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