South Korea's structural steel prices are difficult to rise

From: China Steel News
publisher: Gloria Wong
Time: 2018-04-23

    In mid-March, South Korea's domestic pipe mills tried to increase the selling prices of their products. They issued a notice to customers that they would raise the price of all steel pipe products by 5 to 7 percentage points.However, this round of price increase measures of the Korean steel pipe plant did not take effect in the market. They once again tried to raise prices in April shipments, but no progress has been made.

    According to experts in the structural steel pipe industry in South Korea, due to the low price of hot rolled coils in China, the possibility of rising structural steel prices in South Korea is very low. According to stakeholders in the Korean steel pipe industry, sales of Korean structural steel pipes have been falling sharply since 1 year ago and are expected to increase after local elections in mid-June this year.

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