Russia's new steel production and sales increased year on year

From: China Steel News
publisher: Gloria Wong
Time: 2018-02-07

    From 2017 full year, Russia's new steel sales of 16.47 million tons, a slight increase of 3.4%. Among them, the sales volume of commercial slab slipped 3.0% YoY to 4.6m tonnes, while the sales of flat products increased 5.9% YoY to 8.49mt.The sales volume of longs edged up 3.7% YoY to 2.82mt, while the sales of finished steel dropped further to 65.5%, while the sales of semi-finished steel increased to 34.5%.At the same time, the sales volume of steel products produced by Russia's Xin Gang edged up by 2.8% YoY to 10.7m tonnes, accounting for 65.0% of the sales, maintaining a stable year-on-year rate; the volume sold to external markets edged up 1.8% YoY to 5.77m tonnes, Sales accounted for 35.0%, unchanged from the same period of last year.

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