Malay Kuantan joint steel coke oven fire oven

From: China Steel News
publisher: Gloria Wong
Time: 2018-01-31

    The coke project of Kuantan United Iron and Steel Phase I was designed by MCC. The project adopts two 60-hole, 6-meter top-mounted coke ovens with complete independent intellectual property rights and the installations for gas purification facilities and some key equipment availability.The project is mature technology, stability, technology, environmental protection, automation, etc. can reach the international advanced level.

    At the same time, MCC Coke is a complete set of coke oven supporting design and complete set of equipment for the supply of a set of 150t / h CDQ device CDh shell has been completed for the successful operation of coke oven laid a solid foundation.

              ppgi coil              ppgi coil

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