Product display— Steel Sheet Pile

publisher: Gloria Wang
Time: 2018-01-17

    Steelsheet piles are an edge with linkage, and this linkage can be freely combinedto form a tightly retaining or retaining wall steel structure. Commonly are Larsonstyle and Lackawanna style.

Product advantages

·The bearing capacity is strong, its ownstructure is light, the continuous wall composed of steel sheet pile has strongstrength and rigidity.

·Good water tightness, steel sheet pileconnection at the lock with close, natural impermeable.

·The construction is simple, can adapt todifferent geological conditions and soil quality, can reduce the amount ofexcavation earthwork excavation, occupying a small site.

·Durable, according to the use ofenvironmental differences, life expectancy up to 50 years.

·Construction of environmental protection,the amount of earth and concrete significantly reduced, which can effectivelyprotect the land resources.

·Work efficiently, very suitable for rapidimplementation of flood control, collapse, quicksand, earthquakes and otherdisaster relief and prevention.

·Recyclable materials used repeatedly, inthe temporary works, can be reused 20 to 30 times.

·Compared with other monolithic structures, thewall is lighter and has greater ability to adapt to deformation, and issuitable for the prevention and treatment of various types of geologicaldisasters.

The use of steelsheet piles is very wide. It can be used on wharves, unloading yards,embankments, retaining walls, retaining walls, breakwaters, diversion dikes,docks and gates in permanent structures.

For temporarystructures, it can be used for sealing the mountain, temporarily expanding thebank, cutting off flow, building cofferdams, laying large-scale temporary canalditches, retaining water and retaining sand; in flood control, it can be usedfor flood control, anti-collapse, anti-sand and so on.

The following aresome of the more common applications of steel sheet pile more effectivegeotechnical and applications


River diversionand control

Water treatmentsystem fence

Flood control

Protective dike

Tunnel cutouts and tunnelshelters




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