Coal Season Superimposed Coal Inventory System is Expected to Continue to Strengthen Coal Prices

From: China Steel News
publisher: Gloria Wang
Time: 2017-12-18

    December 14, the northern region has ushered in the recent snowfall, rising coal consumption factors, coupled with the lowest and highest coal inventory system to bring short-term positive support for rising coal prices.

    In the main producing areas, the price of the coal in the latest issue of Taiyuan in China was 141.67 points, up 0.52% month on month, ending the previous five consecutive losing streaks. Except for PCI coal prices, the prices of other coal products increased.Analysis shows that as the winter temperature drops, the demand for heating energy in the country generally increases. The daily consumption level of the six major power generation enterprises in the coastal areas is on the rise. The weekly increase is over 7% and the available coal inventory is reduced to 17 days seasonal factors have increased.

    However, it is worth noting that the problem of overcapacity in the coal industry in China remains outstanding. With the release of advanced production capacity and the effective policy of "maintaining supply and stabilizing prices for supply," the coal market is expected to become steadily steady next year. Analysts believe that by the end of January next year, with the approaching Spring Festival, industrial enterprises will gradually stop production holidays, coal prices will gradually return.

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