Standards Organizations Impacting Steel Piping: ASTM vs. ASME vs. API vs. ANSI

publisher: Gloria Wang
Time: 2017-11-13

  Standards and industry go hand in hand. You can’thave one without the other.

  Because pipe is so common among so manyindustries, it’s no surprise that a number of different standards organizationsimpact the production and testing of pipe for use across a wide array ofapplications.


  ASTM International provides industrial materialand service standards across a wide range of industrial sectors. Theorganization has published more than 12,000 standards currently in use inindustries worldwide.


  The American Society of Mechanical Engineersbegan publishing standards for industrial tools and machine parts in 1880 andhas been a driving force behind safety improvements to boilers and pressurevessels used across industrial sectors.


  As its name indicates, the American PetroleumInstitute is an industry-specific organization that, among other things,develops and publishes standards for pipe and other materials used in the oil& gas industry.


  The American National Standards Institute wasfounded following a gathering of several industry standards organizations in1916 with the goal of developing voluntary consensus standards in the U.S.

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