China Steel Low Carbon Cleaning Industry Innovation Strategic Alliance was Established in Shanghai

From: China Steel News
publisher: Gloria Wang
Time: 2017-11-10
    Wang Jianhua, executive vice president of China Industry, Academia and Research Co-operation Promotion Association and other leaders awarded the league. Wang Weijian proposed the development idea of the alliance: one should focus on low-carbon clean steel production process; two enterprises engaged in low-carbon steel clean supply side of the organization of colleges and universities to form a consortium of production, learning and research; three to Will focus on China's iron and steel enterprises low carbon cleanliness assessment standards (referred to as CSLC assessment criteria) research formulation and demonstration evaluation release; Fourth, the international advanced level should be benchmarked against the steel production of various process segments of low-carbon cleaning upgrade needs, through the production Scientific research cooperation to set up a number of technology platforms, integrated development and promotion of Union-led steel companies to upgrade low-carbon cleanliness solutions; five will gradually and all steel companies to establish strategic cooperative relations with CSLC assessment criteria for the introduction of the introduction of solutions led to the introduction and investment decision making.
    The experts at the meeting reached a consensus that the technology platform must realize three service functions: one serves professional and technical companies; the other serves the solution of low-carbon cleaning of major mills; and the third serves the transformation and upgrading of low-carbon cleanness in the steel industry.

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