Australian media: China's governance pollution will affect iron ore trade

From: China Steel News
publisher: Gloria Wang
Time: 2017-10-31

    Australian media on the 24th concern Chairman Xi Jinping in the nineteenth report clearly pointed out that the construction of beautiful China, to promote green development, that this shows that China's strong determination of environmental pollution control.The report said that the Communist Party of China held a press conference, party representatives, environmental protection minister Li Ganjie stressed that against air pollution will be a "protracted war" and hinted that the steel industry regulation and pollution control will be further promoted. The newspaper commented that this will have a profound impact on the Australian iron ore industry.

    Reported that the Chinese government for the northern region of winter air pollution control in September this year to March next year, during the implementation of the relevant areas of steel production cut by nearly half, and this control measures "will not be a temporary initiative." According to the report, although the regulation caused by the pre-winter enterprises concentrated production once pushed up the iron ore market price, but in the long run, the trend of iron ore market demand will inevitably affect, and this has been reflected in the iron ore futures market prices.

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