EU aviation authorities "block" Kobelco products

From: China Steel News
publisher: Gloria Wang
Time: 2017-10-20

    The European Union Aviation Safety Agency on the 18th to "block" into a major fraud scandal in Japan Kobe Steel, the proposed business to suspend the use of the company's products.

    According to media reports, according to media reports, Kobo data fraud may have been "years", involving the product "wide", so the EU Aviation Safety Agency to remind the European aviation companies to pay attention to this incident and put forward "preliminary recommendations." The EU Aviation Safety Agency recommends that companies involved in design, manufacture and maintenance "carefully examine the supply chain" to determine whether and when to use Kobelco products. At the same time, these enterprises should inform the results to customers and authorities.And suggested that the relevant enterprises, "If there is an alternative supplier, should be suspended use of Kobelco products until the event is confirmed to be qualified."

    The US Department of Justice has begun to investigate the use of Kobelco products in the US market, 16, requested the Kobe Steel in the United States to submit the relevant product information.The firm admitted that data falsification began ten years ago and was not done by individuals, but organized. Japanese media reported that such fraud in Kobelco may have been going on for longer.

    Kobayashi has been hit hard by the scandal, and its share price has fallen by about 40% since the beginning of the year. Kobayashi chairman and president Kawasaki also admitted that the company has been reduced to zero credibility.

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