What is the Impact of Fake Business in Japanese Steel Industry?

From: China Steel News
publisher: Gloria Wang
Time: 2017-10-18

    Japan's third-largest steelmaker Kobe Steel fraud scandal is still fermenting, the latest news is that manufacturers supply substandard products fields cars, planes, Shinkansen, military and other, the number rose from 200 to more than 500. Kobelco is Japan's steel and metal manufacturing industry fist enterprises, and now intensified the storm but let the "steel fist" exposed spot rust. Why the impact of the Kobelco scandal so huge, known as the poke leaked the "Made in Japan" days?

    Kobe Steel said in a statement that the company's aluminum, copper and other business units by tampering with product data, part of the product is not up to standard products for sale. In addition, the company's high sand production by the production of iron powder products also involve forgery of the data, the product density of the slab and customer agreement does not match, check the data was tampered.

    Kobelco scandal involved downstream companies and products including Toyota, Japan's first domestic jet feeder MRJ, Shinkansen trains, H2A rockets, and even including the United States Boeing.Kobayashi event spread to a large number of well-known Japanese companies, so the Japanese manufacturing caused a major blow.

    More scholars believe that the Japanese manufacturing collective diving, reflecting the Japanese manufacturing industry is currently experiencing the embarrassment of the transition period and trying to "rise again" helpless. In the cracks, has been favored by the Japanese brand anxious or cover up the decline in performance, is leading to the Japanese manufacturing industry in recent years, the source of the scandal.

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