South Korea in August Prepainted Steel Plate Import and Export Volume Soared

From: China Steel News
publisher: Gloria Wang
Time: 2017-10-16

    According to the data released by the Korea Iron and Steel Industry Association, in August, South Korea Caitian plate exports grew 10.2%, reaching 111813 tons. Accumulated point of view, in January to August this year, South Korea Cai Tuban exports increased by 12.2% to 763121 tons.

    Since last year on the 9th continuous color coating unit put into operation, the East China Steel monthly color coated plate exports have improved. At present, the East China National Steel monthly color coated plate exports in the 5000 tons to 6,000 tons, the main destination for its exports to the United States and Mexico.

    In Southeast Asia, South Korea Caitu board is the main export market in Thailand and India. In Europe, South Korea's color coated board exports are mainly Sweden, Belgium and Russia.

    From the import point of view, in August, South Korea Caitian plate imports increased 12.5% to 27093 tons, an increase of 128% to 197485 tons.

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