Artificial intelligence into the steel industry steel quality inspection accuracy rate of 99.98%

From: China steel news
publisher: Gloria Wang
Time: 2017-09-20

    The steel industry is ushering in a qualitative change. Artificial intelligence for steel quality inspection, intelligent ladle application promotion, let the traditional industry plug in the wisdom of the wings, saving economic costs, improve production efficiency.

    In the recently held 2017 Baidu Yunzhi summit, Baidu cloud announced with Beijing Shougang Automation Information Technology Co., Ltd. reached a cooperation, with artificial intelligence for steel quality inspection. In the event of the site of the test link, Baidu cloud ABC one machine on the 10000 steel plate pictures on-site forecast. Finally, the prediction results are normal 9714 sheets, 281sheets is red corpses, 3 of folds and 2 with holes. Baidu cloud's accuracy rate is 99.98%, this results are very close to professional testing results .

    Not only Shougang, Baogang also worked with Baidu cloud "smart ladle" application. Baidu cloud and Baogang with artificial intelligence networking, transform traditional ladle to intelligent. Baogang through the promotion and application of intelligent ladle, the average reduction in the tapping temperature of 10 ℃, can save energy costs 7 billion yuan, ladle baking energy efficiency by 50%, about 15 billion yuan can be saved, improve production efficiency, eliminate vicious accidents and other indirect economy efficiency is immeasurable.

        astm a36 steel plate        astm a36 steel plate

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