China's steel demand to enter the peak platform area prospects are still optimistic

Time: 2017-09-08

    Recently, the metallurgical industry economic development research center director Shi Hongwei in 2017 (sixth) China's steel industry chain high-end forum delivered a keynote speech. He pointed out that the domestic steel demand has entered the peak platform area, but the overall outlook is still optimistic.

    Prices, nearly 20 years, China's steel prices experienced a roller coaster-style drama, the highest point in history in mid-2008, after 2010 began to gradually into the downstream channel, but bottomed out from the end of 2015, is still In the rising trend.

    Shi Hongwei said that China's supply side of the steel industry on the structural reform attributable to long-term policy, given the current market situation, the policy duration may be as long as ten years. However, he also expressed an optimistic attitude, "China's steel demand into the peak platform area, the future prospects are still optimistic."

u channel

u channel

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