Turkish rebar demand is weakening but export prices are still rising

From: China Steel News
publisher: Gloria Wang
Time: 2017-08-22

   Although the Turkish rebar export market demand is weak, but as of August 17, last week rebar export prices are still rising. Turkish rebar export FOB price of 520-530 US dollars / ton, the previous week the price of 515-520 US dollars / ton.In view of the recent rise in scrap and billet prices, Turkish mills have further increased the offer for rebar FOB exports to $ 520-530 / t, but traders have refused to buy rebar at temperatures above $ 520 / tonne.

   Some people familiar with the forecast, with the Turkish holidays approaching, the next week rebar purchase price will increase.Last week, wire exports FOB price of 540-550 US dollars / ton, unchanged from the previous week.

steel wire

steel wire

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