Steel Association to promote steel exports

publisher: Gloria Wang
Time: 2017-08-01

    Liu Zhenjiang, secretary general of the steel association, said that in order to maintain the enthusiasm of export enterprises, Steel Association actively with the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Industry and other departments to communicate, cancel the rod and wire products 15% of export tariff proposals have been the initial approval of the relevant departments. Part of the iron and steel enterprises to reflect the overseas investment set up factories from domestic procurement of primary steel products and other issues related to tariffs.

   Steel also advises the General Administration of Customs on the adjustment of the tariff code for the import and export of some steel products, which is to be submitted for discussion in the sixth review cycle of the World Customs Organization. For the relevant departments of the export of sensitive products before the declaration of tax classification of the proposed recommendations, the relevant departments are currently studying specific measures.

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