Vietnam import color coated board levy 19% security measures

Time: 2017-06-02
Vietnam Ministry of industry and Commerce in May 31st ruled that the import of color coated board (PPGI) levy 19% security measures tax, June 15th came into effect, for a period of 3 years.
The safeguard measures of tax involved products mainly for alloy or non alloy coated sheet, customs encoding for 7210.70107210.70907212.40107212.40207212.40907225.99907226.9919 and 7226.9999, more than the applicable provisions in the import quota. Provisions of Ministry of industry and trade of Vietnam, the first year of the implementation of security measures in the June 15, 2017 to June 14, 2018, from Chinese imported more than 32312 tons of PPGI will be imposed a tax rate of 19%, South Korea's quota of 34451 tons, 14428 tons of Taiwan Chinese, for other countries and regions of the quota of 8680 tons.
After tax levy Caitu security measures, coated plate Vietnam imports has been fully restricted. Only 2 months ago, the Ministry of industry and trade of Vietnam decided to levy anti-dumping duties on galvanized steel plates originating in China and South Korea, and the anti-dumping duty rate of China was 3.17%~38.34%, Korea 7.02%~19.00%.

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