Japan expressed regret over the imposition of anti-dumping duties on steel

Time: 2017-05-10
According to Japanese media reports, the United States is responsible for investigating trade International Trade Commission recently identified in Japan and other 8 countries and regions with unreasonable low export of carbon steel and alloy steel and other steel products to the United States, the United States enterprises suffered losses.
Among them, the United States decided to impose a maximum of 48.67% of Japan's thick steel anti-dumping duties.
In this regard, the Japan iron and Steel Federation President Shinto Xiaoki 9 days this month, commented: "in the International Trade Commission investigation, we have argued that Japan's exports caused the loss of the thick steel plate to the domestic industry in the United States, the committee rejected these claims would be unfair, we feel very sorry."
It is understood that this is the first time since Trump came to power to impose punitive tariffs on Japanese products. Japan iron and Steel Federation, said: "after careful analysis of the decision to explore the industry's approach."

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