Iran plans to reach 55 million tons of steel production target in 2025

Time: 2017-05-03
At present, Iran is to continue toward the goal of aspiring expansion of steel production capacity by 2025, steel production will reach 55 million tons, in order to meet domestic demand will also export in Iran, domestic demand will reach 35 million tons, the export volume reached 20 million tons.
Iran Isfahan Steel Corp said, Iran has a good prospect of steel demand, a large number of iron ore and various energy resources, as well as the export facilities, which will promote and stimulate the expansion of steel production capacity in Iran. Isfahan Steel Corp is an iron and steel joint venture, crude steel annual production capacity of 3 million 600 thousand tons, is also the country's only rail production plant, last year the company in the domestic market in Iran has a share of 23%.
In the year of Iran (March 21, 2016 to February 19th) 11 months ago, Iran produced 17 million 900 thousand tons of steel, 54% of them (about 9 million 660 thousand tons) of long products, total exports of steel billet and bloom 1 million 900 thousand tons, about 70% sent to the Middle East and North Africa market, some small billet exports to Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

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