Philippine steel, cement and other imported goods will introduce new regulations

Time: 2017-04-24

Philippine steel, cement andother imported goods will introduce new regulations


According to the"Philippines star" reported on April 21st, the Philippine Departmentof trade and Industry Secretary Lopez recently said that considering thecement, steel and other building materials import quality problems occurfrequently, and the Philippines recently frequent earthquakes on buildingmaterials put forward higher requirements, the trade ministry intends to introducenew management departments "order" (DAO), the implementation of morestringent regulations on the import of building materials and expand thesample, to ensure the quality of building materials imported. Steel, the newregulations will be abolished regardless of how much the value of the previoussampling three samples approach to take every 5000 tons of steel sampling of anew approach to the sample of 100, the new approach will be implemented withina period of two months. Cement, Department of trade and industry also changedthe relevant provisions, requiring all imported cement required to meet thePhilippines criteria and obtain the relevant license, and all the cementimporters required to pay the minimum margin of 20 million pesos, in order toimprove the access threshold.


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