The Vietnamese government has halted $10 billion 600 million steel plant for environmental pollution

Time: 2017-04-19
The British Reuters quoted local media reported that in April 17th Vietnam, Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen spring blessing concerns the problem of environmental pollution, has halted a $10 billion 600 million steel plant, in order to prevent the "Formosa incident happening again.
According to reports, the Vietnamese iron and steel production company Group group (Hoa Sen) is the investment side of the plant, as of now, Watson group did not make any response to the matter. Hua Sen group in 2016 announced the relevant steel production projects, plans to cover 1700 hectares, annual production capacity of 16 million tons.
According to Vietnam state television (VTV) reported that the Vietnamese Prime Minister Ruan Chunfu (voice) asked the relevant organizations to clarify their market demand and environmental pollution. April 2016, Taiwan plastics industry Limited by Share Ltd investment in Ha Tinh steel mills become one of the most serious pollution sources in vietnam. The plant discharged toxic waste water, resulting in 200 kilometers of coastal waters of Vietnam appeared in the area of more than and 100 tons of dead fish.
Reported that the ruling party in Vietnam after the incident, increase the intensity of foreign investment audit. The Vietnamese government said in February that it would not approve any high pollution projects in the future.

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